Our Methodology

Rigorous – In order to identify the best candidates, we embrace an honest and meticulous approach dependent upon deep research and a robust survey of the market. We supplement every new search with fresh research specifically for your project.

Respectful – We respect the competing demands for your time and will present for your review only viable candidates who have a serious interest in your opportunity. We insist on working closely with senior executives who are decision-makers to ensure the most productive use of your time and ours.

Aggressive – We aggressively manage your search from inception to candidate integration, so that we can quickly fill a position and ensure that your new executive is oriented and ready to "hit the ground running." Our process is completed only after the new executive starts working.

Follow-up – is considered an important component of our services.  As part of our partnership with you, we are committed to reviewing our process with you, the results of the search, the ongoing performance of the successful candidate and our contribution to your staffing and development process.


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A. Role

1. Identification of Need

2. Meeting with Stakeholders

3. Search Plan

4. Client Sign-off

B. Search

5. Candidate Acquisition

6. Scheduled Update

C. Evalution

7. Resume Review

8. Telephone Screening

9. Behavioural interviewing

10. Short List Presentation

D. Selection

11. Fisrt/Second Interviews

12. Follow-Ups

13. Reference Checks

14. Psychometric Assessment (TAIS)*

15. Final Interviews

16. Follow-Up

17. Offer Negotiation

18. Transition management

E. Follow-Up

19. Day One Follow-Up

20. 100 Day Coach*

21. Mid Point Follow-Up

22. Final Follow-Up

  * Optional

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